Monday, June 25, 2007

Countour Changing Pad Cover and Crib sheets

Sewing skill: Beginner
Materials: 1 yard fabric 24+ inches 1/4" elastic

1. Cut material 43" X 29"
2. Cut four 6" pieces of elastic
3. Notch out corners by cutting 5.5" squares out of all four corners
4. With right sides together, sew each corner seam closed with .5" seam allowance
5. Measure out 5 inches from each corner seam in each direction and mark
6. Stetch and sew your elastic pieces at each corner starting at one mark ending at the other mark. Repeat for all 4 corners. Sew about 1/4" away from your raw edge and sew on the wrong side of your fabric.
7. Hem entire cover by folding fabric over 1/4" and then over again creating a finished edge. Your elastic will end up encased in this but be sure to stretch the elastic while you sew, or avoid sewing on it or else it won't stretch enough.
8. Finished!
9. Optional hemming method is to sew the whole hem as a channel leaving a small opening and then threading one long piece of elastic through with a safety pin, cutting to length, securing and closing your hole back.

Same concept, here are dimentions and instructions for crib sheets.


tinkerplinkmama said...

Do you happen to have an updated link for your changing pad cover pattern? The current one doesn't work, and I would love to use it. Thank you!

mrspelly said...

I agree, I would love to look at your pattern if you have an updated link...

Ashley said...

I would also love the link to your pattern. I am attempting to make a cover as a novice sewer! Thank you!

draddie said...

Bah...still not updated...bummer!

Tonya said...

Sorry, guys! My comments were not coming through..Im working on updating links now :)