Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Love List #14

Harvest Moon Full moon gathering with drum circle and bonfire on Magic Mountain.

In honor of the harvest moon, named so for the farmers who need the extra light this season (thanks wiki).

It was great!!! 30 + bongo drums for everyone to play ...sax player, flute player and conch player...totally magical...really...potluck snacks ( we brought edamame beans and fruit)

So, according to the firemaster/shaman?/old caped guy with 2 foot beard .....what you have to do tonight....or any full moon night is...

Hold up your hand to the moon with its light shining on your palm (where you can see it). Look at it shining on your palm for a bit. Then right before you go to sleep, look at your palm and remember what the moonlight looked like on it. This will bring you peaceful dreams which will sort out any troubling things that are on your mind.

Fun night.

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