Friday, November 23, 2007

Love List #52 Oh my goodness!

The Kingston Sewing (and more) Center. In business since who knows when. Their goodies are all from the 60's through 80's and, while usually only 50% off the ORIGINAL sticker price, this month, they are going out of business and they took 60% off the total. CRAZY. Here are a few highlights of what I scored for a total of 14 dollars.

3 cd's, some 70's hair combs, lots of yardage of wide velcro which I use often, 20 or so zippers, a woodstock music festival coffee mug (original? dont care), some binding, ribbons and elastics. All things I need every day and buy online overpriced plus postage.

The things I reluctantly passed on (mostly because I had to get out of there soon to find a place to pee, but give an indication of the reason I love this place) were:

a gazillion records (no way to play them), a hair net or rain shield, kitchy 70's ribbons and ric rac, too many patterns to even look through, old metal file cabinets, weird leather hides only sold by the hide, pac man and carebear patches, threads of every other color than the one you need, metallic house shoes (think florida gma), trucker hats from the 70's, and on and on...

The place is TWO isles...and you need TWO hours. too much it.

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