Friday, March 21, 2008

Indian Toran

Large piece of felt (12" X 5")
Colorful and contrasting felt scraps
5" piece of drinking straw
Aluminum foil
15" yarn or string
optional: Embroidery thread and needle

Cut out two pieces of contrasting felt 5" by 2" for ends of Toran
Cut out designs, animals, flowers, etc., out of the felt scraps
Move them around on your base till you are happy
Glue each piece down (OPTIONAL you can embroider them down around the edges)
Cut small circles of aluminum foil and glue onto Toran
Glue one strip to the bottom of the Toran (one inch on the front, one inch on the back)
Fold second strip in half, gluing only the edges, making a tube
Glue only the secured edges to the BACK of the top of your Toran leaving tube free
Insert straw into the tube, thread string through, tie and hang.

From "Folk Art Projects around the World"

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