Friday, September 19, 2008

Love List #71 Haircuts

I think I love it. No, I do, for now.

I hated it at first...then I cut some more..and a little more..and stopped there. ( I have always cut my own hair, so really I have no idea what it looks like from the back).

I think it is always hard to go from waist to chin. After 2 days, I'm definitely loving the loss of about a pound of hair which was clogging drains and getting tangled in everything and worn in a ponytail most days anyway...still getting used to it. My hair got wavy/curly when I got pregnant, so this chopping round has been fun... seeing what happens differently.

I only wish I had known I was going totally short when I started, then I could have donated. Instead I ended up with pieces.

Anyway. It is hair, it grows back. I might as well love it.

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John Nico and Django said...

Hey tonya

this is john
Django's dad
thanks for sending me back Oscar Wao.

Are you opening a store in Athens?
Good luck !

Ive always wanted to visit Athens GA drive around in my car and hear people shouting out "Butterbean"

Nico Django and I finally finished our house and moved in two weeks ago
were way psyched

Had angie and eric over for dinner
we havent had a kitchen for 3 1/2 years
Im going to write a hot plate dinner recipe book after that

By the way the hair looks good
ive been cutting my hair for like 15 years
and 2 out of 5 times i usually go way too short than i planned for the sake of eveninging
im hoping to put a three way mirror in our new bathroom so i can finally see the back of my head

good luck