Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cognative counting beads

Math Beads Counting Skills 2+

MATERIALS: Lots of beads or river rocks or similar shaped same colored objects. Card stock for cards and contact paper for lamination or thin wood and selant for heirloom cards. I printed numbers and sybols off of the computer to make them more interesting for my 2 year old, who is ready for 11-20 although I am not.

USE: Child carries tray with beautiful bowl of rocks/beads and cards to work mat. Show her how to do one or two. Bowl should be above and cards should be placed one at a time from left to right after beads are placed on top. Control of hand while placing beads as well as counting while they place are important. As in montessori style left to right is the placement to prepare for reading/writing. Child will see relation of number of objects to written number. When done , of course, they all go home to their bowl, on the tray, with the number cards stacked beside and on the shelf.....this one is still a hard one to put up as those beads are soooo fun!

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