Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sensorial - Shape tracing

Sensorial Shape tracing 2.5+

Introduces child to basic shapes, leading to math skills, small motor skills, and color use. Before this lesson, child should learn the names of the basic shapes.

MATERIALS: We use an old wooden peg puzzle with shapes and crayons. You can also cut the shapes out of cardboard for them to use. Younger artists will probobly find the OUTLINE of the shape you cut out easier to a stencil. Cut apx. 4" squares with the shape cut out of the middle.

USE: Child brings out shapes board and coloring utinsils to work station. Show them (if it is new) how to hold the piece with one hand and trace around, moving around the hand and starting again where they left off. You can then name the shapes and color them in or for more advanced students, make designs, by turing the shape and drawing another one on top of it. For example, using a triangle to make a 6 sided star. Child places materials back where they got them when finished and their artwork can be displayed in a beautiful frame on the wall!

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