Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sensorial - Make"somebody"

Wow, thanks to Nell, this has become a recuring fav in our house. A little preparing on mom/dad's part makes at least 30 minutes of fun for child or more if they are into it. Age 2+ (the one at the right was made by Mia (2Y2M) with help for the wand only!

Materials: Construction paper, scissors, glue stick. Parent cuts out a figure, (simple is best), as well as hair, eyes, mouth, nose, clothing, shoes, as far as you want to take it. It is best to go ahead and glue the figure to a background paper to avoid ripping and provide a base.

Use: Separate items to choose from. i.e. hair first, then face, then clothing, but show them first how to properly use the glue stick and stick it like a sticker. Then let them experiment, learning to use the glue where the clothing goes. I initially supervised and helped on this one, but learned the outcomes were much better if I did not tell her where to put the items....i.e. a bubble skirt became a crown and it was wonderful!

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