Saturday, February 17, 2007

2+ Sensorial list

From Sue Chens Online Montessori Website

The Cylinder Blocks
The Pink Tower large to small, rebuild
The Brown Stair descriminate height
The Red Rods
The Colored Cylinders
The Binomial Cube
The Trinomial Cube
Geometric Cabinet shapes for tracing
The Cards For The Geometric Cabinet
The Constructive Triangle - triangle
The Constructive Triangles - rectangle
The Constructive Triangles: Large hexagon
The Constructive Triangles: Small Hexagon
The Constructive Triangles: Square Box The Blue Triangles
Color Box No. 1 match by color
Color Box No. 2 match by shade
Color Box No. 3 gradients
The Geometric Solids name, feel
Bases For The Geometric Solids match to shape
The Mystery Bag name by feel alone
Rough And Smooth Board #1 discriminate texture
Rough & Smooth Boards 2 & 3
Rough & Smooth Tablets
Fabric Box match by feel alone
Thermic Bottles feel hot, medium, cold
Thermic Tablets
Baric Tablets
The Sound Cylinders
The Bells lower vs. higher
Smelling Jars match smell (cards)
Colored Bead Bars

Treasure Hunt
Nature Close Up Growing plants
Bird Feeder
Mother animal to baby animal
Theme days - all day green and Irish or all day pink ballerinas and french food etc..
Yoga pose book or karate moves - print offline and let them follow the moves or rent vidos..

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