Sunday, February 18, 2007

Practical Life - Chopsticks

Practical Life - Chopstick transfering - small motor skills Age 2 and up

MATERIALS: 2 pretty matching bowl, chopsticks, rubberband, pompons. Before introducing to child, place a small piece of folded up cardboard at the top of the chopstics right under a rubber band...see photo. This will let the young child learn with the pincer method. Once mastered, the rubber band can be removed and proper way taught.

USE: Child can carry the tray to their mat or work table. Show child how to pick up one pompon at a time from one bowl and transfer it into the second bowl. When child is finished, they should put materials the way they found then and place the tray back where they got it.

Variation: I after mastering 2 bowls, I set out bowls that matched the pompons so Mia could transfer as well as sort colors. I used one master bowl with 4 smaller bowls for transfering to. I used thrift store ceramic bowls painted with actylic paint and a poly sealer (do not eat off of these bowls after painting:)