Sunday, February 18, 2007

Practical Life - Dress forms

Practical Life Dressings forms: Zipper, Button, Snap, Lace and Buckle

MATERIALS: Picture Frames, staple gun , old clothing or fabrics. I used one dollar unfinished frames from Michaels arts and crafts and fabric scraps and clothing. Center the frame over the portion of the clothing that will be used and cut around it about an inch or two away from the frame (depending on the thickness). Wrap edges to back of frame and staple, being sure to hammer in any loose staples or sand rough wood. For the buckle frame, I just covered it, then used ribbon and old buckles of varying sizes stapled to the back.

USE: Child brings form to mat or table. If new, you can demonstrate once how it is done, working from left to right or up to down. (Buckles need to bepushed with fingers out so they dont get pinched!) Back to its home when they are done.

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