Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sensorial - Color Gradients

Sensorial Activity - Matching colors and grading by shade 2+

MATERIALS: Color cards from any paint store, thin wood and sealer or clear contact paper if you want to make them last a long time. To make really nice ones, I would glue them to a card or wood then coat with clear sealant like Mod-podge. We just use them as they are because, well they are free and I can always get more if I need :) Get 3-4 shades of each of the colors, primary, red, yellow, and blue, and secondary, orange, green, and purple. Aslo get 2 of each shade for matching if you desire. Put in a pretty colorful box or tray for storage.

USE: Step one: Using only two of each color, primary only to begin with. Naming colors and matching the doubles of each. Mix up the pairs and show child how to name each color, then find its match, placing neatly on their work station.

Step 2: Sort by color shade. Start with only one color, show them the darkest one, putting it to your right at the top. Then pick the next darkest of the color putting it right under the darkest one. then they have 2 left, which one is darker? Put it under, then the lightest one goes at the bottom. Move through all the colors making a neat chart on their work mat, darkest at the top, lightest at the bottom.

You could get enough cards to make 2 separate projects for this so that the child does not get confused which one is for what activity. Keep in separate distinguishable trays.